VMware vSphere 6.5 Administration

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VMware vSphere 6.5 Administration


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Module 1: Evolution of VMware vSphere Suite  

VMware and vSphere background  

VMware vSphere as an infrastructure foundation 

Storage platform 

Network and security platform  

Cloud platform  

End-user computing platform  

Container platform  

What's new on vSphere 6.5 and vCenter Server 6.5 



Module 2: Analysis and Assessment of an Existing Environment  

Analyzing a physical environment before virtualizing 

Useful metrics from a physical environment  

Processor metrics  

Memory metrics  

Disk metrics  

Network metrics  

Are all workloads good candidates to be virtualized?  

Existing tools to analyze a physical environment  

Capacity Planner  

Existing tools for analyzing a virtual environment 

VMware vSphere Health Check  



Module 3: Deployment Workflow and Component Installation 

vSphere components and workflow  

ESXi deployment plan  

Choosing the hardware platform  

Identification of the storage architecture  

Defining the network configuration  

ESXi installation  

Where to install ESXi? 

Preparing for deployment 

Interactive installation 

Configuring DHCP 

vCenter Server components  


Where to install – physical or virtual?  

vCenter Server deployment  

Choosing the database  

Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server database 

Configuring ODBC DSN 

InstallinvCenter Server for Windows  

vCSA deployment 

Why deploy vCSA instead of the Windows version?  

Installing the vCSA PSC 

Installing the vCSA vCenter 



Module 4: Configuring and Managing vSphere 6.5 

VMware vSphere HTML5 client 

ESXi configuration  

Management console configuration  

Enabling SSH access  

Configuring NTP  

ESXi 6.5 partition layout 

Boot banks 

Scratch partition 

vCSA configuration  

Basic setup using vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface (VAMI)  

Modifying the IP address and DNS  

Configuring time synchronization 

Changing the vCSA password 


Roles and permissions 

AD integration 

Configuring a host with AD authentication 

Resetting the SSO password 

Managing data centers, clusters, and hosts 

Creating a data center 

Adding a host to vCenter Server 

Disconnecting a host from vCenter Server 

Removing a host from vCenter Server 

Creating a cluster 

Removing a host from a cluster 



Module 5: Advanced Network Management 

Virtual networking 



Managing vSS  

VMkernel adapters 

Physical adapters 

TCP/IP stacks  

Managing vDS  

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) 

Private VLAN 


Port mirroring  

Health check  

Ports, hosts, VMs, and networks  

Introduction to NSX 

NSX components  

Management plane 

Control plane  

Data plane  



Module 6: Advanced Storage Management 

Storage basics  

The evolution of the storage world  

Spinning disks  

Flash devices  

Storage array  

Converged networks 

VMware vSphere storage types  

Storage types at the VM logical level  

Storage types at the VM physical level  

Storage types at the ESXi logical level  

Storage types at the ESXi physical level  

VMware vSphere storage configuration  

Storage FC  


Storage iSCSI  

Storage NFS  

Storage features  

VM snapshots  

Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) 6  


Storage masking and filtering 



Storage design 

VM storage layout  

VM snapshot limits  

Datastore layout 

VMware vSAN  



Module 7: Advanced VM and Resource Management 

VM components  

Virtual hardware  



Network adapter  

Virtual disks  

Storage controller  

File structure  

Changing the default file position 

VMware Tools  

Open VM Tools (OVT)  

Deploying VMs  

Creating a new VM  

Hardware versio 

Setting the default hardware version  

Installing the OS  

Installing VMware Tools  

Deploying a VM from a template  

Cloning a VM  

Deploying Open Virtual Format (OVF) and Open Virtual Appliance 

(OVA) templates  

Managing VMs  

Adding or registering an existing VM  

Removing or deleting a VM  

Managing the power state of a VM  

Managing VM snapshots  

Creating a snapshot  

Committing changes  

Snapshot consolidation 



Module 8: Advanced Availability in vSphere 6.5 

VMware vSphere HA  

Proactive HA  

Admission control  

VM restart and monitoring 

VMware vSphere FT  

VMware vCenter High Availability (VCHA) 

Creating a DRS cluster 

Managing DRS Rules 

VM-VM affinity rules 

VM-Host affinity rules 



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